Project Control

  • Controls and re-organize the Project files
  • Quickly write methods signature of implemented interfaces
  • Provides code navigation for selected Class and the Implemented Interfaces up to Parameters definition.
  • Interacts with IDE to help controlling the environment

Comments Management

  • Introduces and manage comments using Doxygen style
  • Updates components and procedure descriptions for Object Browser

Doxygen Helper

  • Integrates Doxygen to produce Project Web Site Documentation
  • Translates the VB Components Source Code into the format recognizable by Doxygen
  • Documents Project Dependencies
  • Prepares Doxygen configuration file to setup the system on producing documentation
  • Runs the Doxygen Wizard to let the user customizing the configuration file before generating the documentation
  • Runs the generation skipping the wizard

UML Exporter

Exports Project as XMI 1.1 for UML 1.3
Generates XMI representing the UML Model of the current selected Project and dependencies